So many of our brethren have given in to the allurements of the denominations, that now the world can’t tell the difference between them anymore. Our brethren have succumbed to the “entertainment” mentality when it comes to filling the pews. The truth has been and is being trampled underfoot as they rush headlong into denominationalism. It reminds me of the day of Judges, when in chapter 21 and verse 25 it tells us that men, “…did that which was right in his own eyes.”
I believe that here in Clarendon, that this congregation is safe from such defiance of God’s word. We have good leadership and a congregation of faithful people of God who would not allow drifting from God’s word. Of course who knows what the future holds but God Himself?
I am hoping to use this blog for teaching, edifying, encouraging, defending God’s word, sharing ideas, etc. New technology brings new frontiers for evangelism. We as Christians can’t afford to let these opportunities pass us by. If we can reach one soul using this method, then it is worth it.
There will be zero tolerance for ugly attitudes or hatefulness on this blog. We are commanded to live by the Golden Rule and that means in any situation or format. I hope you will help me to make this a tool for evangelism, and ask for your prayers as we forge ahead. Chris

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