The Lutheran Church (a sect of it) recently voted to allow openly gay men to be ministers or priests.  1,000 delegates cast their votes and of those 680 voted for gay priests.  This was done in an open forum where everyone could stand up and be counted.  What they did was contradictory to plain Bible teaching.  Romans, chapter one, and Jude condemn homosexuality.  But, I at least credit these people with being open with their beliefs.  Think about what is done in the church at times.

   Many times in the Lord’s church, elders and deacons have been appointed who were not qualified, yet because of a majority of members it was done anyway.  Instrumental music is usually introduced when a “majority” wants it. 

   Then there is the “silent” vote.  Open and blatant sin is tolerated at times in the church body.  Everyone knows about it, but because the person involved in it has ties to popular members or is part of a well thought of family, everyone looks the other way.  This is in essence a vote for sin.  By not raising our voices, we have gone to the “silent” poll and voted for something we know is contradictory to scripture.  This is cowardly behavior condemned by Revelation 21:8.  Nearly all congregations that I’ve been a member of have practiced this at one time or another.

   Jude 3 tells us to contend for the faith.  Nowhere is there scripture to “compromise” the faith.  May we all have the courage to stand up and speak out against sin.  May we all “vote” no when it comes to sin.  Let us not be intimidated by church politics or strong personalities.  The church will be stronger for it, your family will be stronger for it, your community, state, and country will also. –Chris

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