Years ago, I was an avid fan of wrestling. One wrestler’s famous line was, “Everyone has a price.” Now certainly I don’t believe this statement. Jesus Christ didn’t have a price that He would “sell out” for. I also believe there are many God-fearing people that haven’t and won’t sell out or compromise their beliefs. Sadly, where you find a diversion from the “divine pattern” that we can find in the Bible, you will find that someone compromised or sold out.
There are plenty of examples in the Bible of good people who finally gave in to pressure and went against God. For example, the parents of Sampson sold out. In Judges 14, we see that Samson wanted a Phillistine woman for a wife. This was strictly against God’s law. He asked his father to get her for him, and after some protest, Samson’s father gave in to his son’s wishes.
You can see in the book of 1Samuel, chapters 2 and 3, that Eli did a much better job with Samuel than he had with his own sons. He was accused rightly so of not “restraining” his sons. Eli was a good man, yet, when it came to his own, he had no backbone.
I believe you could make the case that Judas was a good man but sold out for money, something he obviously loved more than our Savior. The point is that God demands our obedience and courage 24/7. Our allegiance must be to God no matter how tempting it is to be pleasing to everybody. Sadly, we see in the Lord’s church so many faithful brethren who “give in” after years of great service to God. Usually their standards are lowered because of family, finances, and trying to “keep the peace.” It is hard to remain faithful to God when we are attacked by loved ones, by our greed, or our pride.
I pray that all brethren everywhere would remain steadfast and be courageous. Let us understand the reward will be worth the few headaches that we deal with here on earth. The Devil survives on our weaknesses. God demands our strength and at the same time will help supply it (Phil. 4:13). God told Ezekiel that he would have to have a forehead of “flint” to deal with his brethren. Sometimes we need to be a little less “thin-skinned” and a little more hard-headed. Don’t ever give in or up! –Chris

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