It Is a Matter of Heritage

Recently our county commissioners have been discussing the issue of our heritage and how to best pay homage to it.  I would like to urge our commissioners to strongly consider the placement of the “Ten Commandments” marker symbolizing the importance of our spiritual heritage on our courthouse lawn.

 I site the reasons for doing this as follows:

  The identification of our community as “Saints’ Roost”.  Our faith is an important part of our identification, it is our heritage.  The marker will affirm that identification and retell it to future generations.  We are not known as “Buddha’s Roost”, or “Allah’s Roost” or even as “Athesists’ Roost”, but as “Saints’ Roost”.

  1. That identification should not be placed on the side of the road but next to the heart of our community, our courthouse.  Either we are proud of that heritage or not.  Placing it in some remote out of the way spot would convey the exact opposite meaning of the importance of our heritage.  If it is not important to this generation, it certainly will be less so for the next one.
  2. The Bible, the basis of our heritage and faith, tells of what happened to a generation of God’s followers who neglected the importance of reminding their sons and daughters of their heritage.  In the book of Joshua you have the recording of the great things that generation was able to do because of their faith.  Then in the book of Judges, chapter 2 and following, you have the recording of their one great failure; they did not pass the importance of that heritage on to the next generation.  Our heritage will only last as long as we retell it.  Our heritage is only as important as we make it.
  3. 30 or so years ago the generation before mine would have done this without any hesitation.  Some say we now live in different times.  I ask, “why are these different times?”  They are different because we have allowed our heritage to slip away or be removed from remembrance.  We no longer stress the importance of our spiritual heritage to our children and, indeed, they have become different times.  The challenge to this generation is; are we going to stand up and reaffirm our heritage or sit down in silence and have the testimonial of our heritance relegated to some out of the way place, if at all?
  4. Some say if we do this then we risk opening up the courthouse lawn to other markers from other religions, this is just not so.  No other religion can attest to the historical fact that the Ten Commandments and Christianity played in our heritage.  You only need to look at what is happening to Europe which abandoned their spiritual heritage only to become a ripe breeding ground for another one.  The simple laws of nature teach us that nature abhors a vacuum.  So does our spirituality.  It will be filled with something.  Something that was not a part of our heritage.
  5. Finally other counties have done this.  Even our state capital has a marker that states this heritage, and it has stood against those who would try to deny this fact.  Certainly, our community that has claimed and still claims it is “Saint’s Roost” will have legal standing to a marker that attests to this.  We are known as “Saint’s Roost”!

 If you feel the same as I do about this I hope you will contact your county commissioner and respectfully tell them your opinion on the heritage marker.

 To know nothing of what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child.
– Cicero

 Will Thompson

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