Kinlichee Arizona Building Plans

Greetings from the body of Christ in Clarendon,

On behalf of the mission team, members, deacons, and the elders at Clarendon, I want to take this opportunity to tell you of our current plans regarding the church building at Kinlichee, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. I have copied a satellite photo of the current church grounds, please see attachment 1.

This past year the church at Clarendon, along with the church at Gallup, New Mexico began making plans to replace the building that burned down about 4 years ago. The original building was completely destroyed. Since that time we have discussed several building plans, but each plan contained its own shortcomings and was dropped.

As a point of reference I have attached photos of the building that was destroyed by fire and the current meeting building, see attachment 2. The current building is a 40+ year old double wide mobile home with many structural defects. It was suggested that we should repair that building but after careful consideration and prayer we have elected to replace it.

This spring, thanks to one of our brothers, David McAnear, and the preacher at Gallup, Jeff Foster, we have a workable plan. In this letter you will find the construction plans for the new building, see attachments 3 and 4. We believe it will provide the church at Kinlichee with everything they will need to minister to the community as well as provide an excellent meeting place for the body. Since vacation bible schools are important to the Navajo people, we also believe it will play an important role in being able to host many VBS’s in the future. This is something that has not occurred in the Kinlichee community for many years.

Our goal is to build the proposed building for less than $19,000. In order to keep the costs down we plan to reuse many of the furnishings from the existing building, such as tables, chairs, pellet stove, refrigerator and stove. The foundation is a pier and beam foundation, we had looked into a slab but the cost of that was twice the cost of the building. We intend to install ceiling fans for cooling in the summer. We plan to continue to use the existing pellet stove to provide heating in the winter.

Jeff Foster is overseeing the foundation construction and it will be started next week. Our intent is to complete this building over the summer. We hope to pre-build the framework of the walls here at Clarendon and then transport them to Kinlichee. The truss will be purchased prefabricated at Gallup and then delivered on site. Once all of the framework is built and delivered, we will erect and complete the building. We hope to have firm dates soon and we will send them out at that time.

We ask for your prayers on behalf of these plans and most of all that this facility can be used to promote the Gospel on the Reservation. If would like to contribute with labor or financially, we welcome your support.

If you have any questions regarding our plans please contact us. The church’s phone number is 806-874-2495 or email

In His Service,

Will Thompson
Elder, Clarendon church of ChristKinlicheePlansLetter

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