Kinlichee Building Plans Update and Other News

August 11, 2015

Greetings from the body of Christ in Clarendon,


On July 14-18, 2015, six men from the church in Clarendon, along with Dan Keele, Edison Gruber, the members from the Kinlichee congregation, Jeff Foster from the church in Gallup, and the youth group from the University church of Christ in Abilene, Texas, completed the second phase of our building plans.  We now have a foundation and flooring.  Also, thanks to the youth group from the University church of Christ of Abilene, we also have the area around the site cleaned up and much of the debris from the old buildings removed.  Please see the pictures of the work and the building attached to this letter.


Our foundation is securely fastened to the bedrock, which is only a few feet down in the ground.  Due to the cost of cement, we used 4 X 4 metal beams, 2 X 12’s and 2 X 8’s to construct a very stable foundation for the flooring.  The congregation from Gallup provided the concrete and steel beam piers on which the foundation was welded.


The dimensions of the building will be a 48’ X 24’and will contain the assembly area, a classroom, a small kitchen, and a bathroom.  They have been meeting in a worn out double wide trailer.  The new building will help energize the congregation and show the community that this is not an abandoned work.  Their current bathroom is located in a separate building, like an outhouse.  The new building will allow them to have access to bathroom facilities without going outside to this building.


The youth group was able to dig a trench for the plumbing and electrical wiring for the new building, remove an old tool shed, and demolish about 35 yards of a concrete sidewalk.  They were also helpful with the construction.  Without their help we probably would not have been able to finish the foundation and floor.


Our next phase will begin at 7:30 AM on 22 August 2015 at the farm of David McAnear, our chief engineer.  We will begin building the wall sections that will be transported next month to Kinlichee.  We have tentatively set September 15-19  as the assembly day for the walls at Kinlichee.  If you would like to be a part of the construction (in Clarendon) or the assembly (in Kinlichee), please contact us.  We are always looking for help.


Our other phases will be to complete a roof, electrical and plumbing installation, complete the interior, and then work on the sidewalk and entry area.


On July 24-26, we returned to the reservation to attend the American Indian Mission Seminar held at Hogback, New Mexico.  It was uplifting to hear of all the work that was being done on the Navajo Reservation for the cause of Christ.  Several of the congregations are involved in expansion plans and various community outreach efforts.  There were also efforts from outside of the reservation to enlist both financial and physical help with the work.


During the seminar we were introduced to Cory Landolt, a young man studying at Bear Valley School of Preaching.  He has completed his first term with a grade of all A’s.  When he completes his training he wants to be a preacher on the reservation.  He has been assisting Terry Laurence at the Fort Defiance, AZ church of Christ.  He has fallen in love with the people and the work on the reservation.  However, Cory is struggling to get support to continue his studies.  He represents an opportunity to have another evangelist on the reservation.  The efforts to evangelize on the reservation are directly linked to the number of evangelists there.  The more workers there are on the reservation the more successful the effort.  If you are interested in learning more about Cory please contact us for his references and contact information.


We are planning to have Cory come to Clarendon to speak during a Sunday morning service.  This will introduce him to our congregation and our area.  We invite others from our area congregations to come and hear Cory speak.  This would be an excellent time to meet him in person and find out more about him.  When we have the exact date scheduled we will let everyone know.


If you have any questions regarding our plans please contact us.  The church’s phone number is 806-874-2495 or email


In His Service,


Will Thompson

Elder, Clarendon church of Christ

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