Kinlichee Building Plans Update, as of 1 Sep 2015

eptember 1, 2015
Greetings from the body of Christ in Clarendon,

On August 22, 2015, 13 men from our congregation plus, one from Shallowater, one from Texline, and one from Memphis, TX assembled 23 exterior and interior walls for the church building at Kinlichee, Arizona. Please see the pictures of the assembly work and the building attached to this letter.

Our next phase will be to take those pre-assembled frames to Kinlichee, Arizona on 16 September 2015. We will then erect those frames, install the roof trusses, siding, roof, the electrical wiring, insulation, doors and windows. We want to make sure that we enclose the building before the winter. Our plan is to install all that and come back home on 20 September 2015. A very ambitious schedule and a very ambitious work plan.

We will have two different groups going out to Kinlichee; one will leave from David McAnear’s house at 7:00 AM on 16 September and then the other group will leave at 4:30 PM on the 17th. We are in need of volunteers that can help us complete this plan by the 20th. If you can go with us, we will take care of the expenses or you can meet us there. Either way we would be happy to have you help us out.

Originally we set a budget of about $20,000 for the building. We estimate that we could go over that budget by almost $5000. This is due to some design changes to the building. One of the major changes was that we decided to increase the size of the building. We elected to proceed on faith. We have faith the Lord will provide.

Also, we are still planning to have Cory Landolt come to Clarendon and do the morning Bible class and speak during a Sunday morning worship service. (Please see my previous letter for more information about Cory). Our Bible class starts at 9:30 and worship services start at 10:30. This will introduce him to our congregation and our area. We invite everyone from our area congregations to come and hear Cory speak.

This young man has worked on the Navajo Reservation and wishes to return there after he finishes attending preaching school at Bear Valley School of Preaching. This would be an excellent time to meet him in person and find out more about him. Cory will be here on 27 September 2015. We invite anyone who can to come hear this young man.
Please see our website for the previous news items regarding the reservation and the work being done on behalf of the Kinlichee congregation. Our website is, the articles will be in the Recent Articles section. If you have any questions regarding our plans please contact us. The church’s phone number is 806-874-2495 or email

In His Service,

Will Thompson

Elder, Clarendon church of Christ


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